NFID Foundation

Decentralized Identity for the Security Industry

The NFID Blockchain provides a foundational layer of trust and serves as the common identity metasystem for the security industry.


What is NFID?

An NFID is a user owned and controlled universally unique identifier that enables the security industry to implement the next generation of credentialing, which we call attestations.


It is unique, non-transferrable, and permanently identifies a single entity regardless of whether that identity changes devices, wallets, etc.


It is resolvable into cryptographic public keys and service endpoints that are currently in use by the holder.

Cryotographically Verifiable

The identity holder is able to cryptographically prove control of the identifier using the associated private key.


It is published to a blockchain and therefore has no single point of failure and is not subject to control by a central authority.



Attestations are cryptographically verifiable credentials built on the identity layer provided by NFID. The exchange of attestations requires three roles.


Entity that issued the attestation. Typically, issuers are organizations such as hotels (room access card), workplaces (office access card), websites (accounts), etc. 


This is the entity that receives, stores, and manages attestations from issuers. The Holder can also be the issuer. 


This is the entity that verifies the attestation. Any entity can verify an attestation because the issuer’s public keys are accessible from the NFID blockchain. 

Who can benefit?

Numerous stakeholders in the security industry can leverage NFID. Learn more in our whitepaper.

End User Entities

End users are now compliant with and reduce the cost of regulations, reduce the identity fraud risk, resist intrusion threats, automate their processes, and enjoy reduced onboarding and service costs..

System Integrators

System integrators can enjoy insurance savings, a new recurring revenue model, the benefits of interoperability, and increased labor efficiency.  

Security Consultants

Security consultants can improve their reputations and have clearer cost justifications for the NFID system over current solutions.

Developers of Security Solutions

Developers are now compliant with regulations, can build truly interoperable products, have simple integration steps, reduce their infrastructure costs, are capable of future proofing, and have a new recurring revenue stream.

Manufacturers of Security Hardware 

Manufacturers can now build truly interoperable products, upgrade to Web3 with a simple NFID integration process, reduce infrastructure cost, ensure regulatory compliance, and future proof their technology.

NFID Foundation

The NFID Foundation is a not-for-profit global consortium dedicated exclusively to the governance of NFID. Its structure reflects the stakeholder model of validator node operators. The foundation includes the Board of Governors, a Maintainer, and Validators.


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